More ideas for finding the great in grammar!

Here are some more ideas that I didn’t have time to mention in the ETAS PD day presentation, they are more or less grammar related but all work well in class.

Dice tenses

Make a couple of die, it’s quite simple as you can see here, on one write the pronouns I, you, etc. on the other write either the names of tenses or words such as tomorrow, at the moment, usually. You can also make a third dice with positive, negative, interrogative ( or +, -, ?) on the sides. Students take it in turns throwing the die and making phrases, the one with the most points wins.

Sentence Race

This idea comes from Thornbury, split the board and the class in two, the teams take it in turns running to the board and writing the longest correct sentence possible in 30 seconds. You can impose recently learnt tenses or themes or leave it open.


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