Putting Differentiation into Practice -ETAS PD day 2018

Know your students:
•Specific difficulties
•Interest & motivation
•Social & emotional skills
•Physical needs
•Cultural background
Plan ahead:
•How can I assess prior knowledge?
•Who will need specific support?
•What learning objectives do I want everyone/some/a few to achieve?
•Will there be a choice in ways of learning, tasks, resources etc.?
•How will I organise groups?
•Will I have a teaching assistant?
•Will the lesson challenge ALL the learners?
Some Suggestions:
•Let learners record audio or take photos with their phones
•Be flexible with groups –use home & expert groups
•Thinkabout pace
•Encourage learners to create “avatars”
•Think about easy, “comfortable” layouts
•Offer choices where possible
•Keywords, check lists & writing frames
•Use images, diagrams, mind maps, etc.
•Workable worksheets (menus, 3 columns, folded)
•Resource station – support box & fast finishers
•Classroom layout – teaching zones & wall displays