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Vocabulary Games

Two teams (or more), choose a cool name for your team, then give the students 3 minutes to note down as many things as possible that: are yellow have 6 letters can be found in my pocket smell nice Rhyme … Continue reading

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Bloomifying “Giraffes can’t dance”

If you don’t know this amazing book then read it immediately, it’s fab! I recently gave a presentation on using Bloom’s taxonomy in storytelling so I thought I should practice a little what I preach.   Remember: Lower level skills … Continue reading

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Story telling preparation for Cambridge YL exams

My students often find the story-telling in part 3 of the flyers and part 2 of the movers speaking exam very challenging. I think the main problem comes from the fact that they feel they should be able to express … Continue reading

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Lego oral activity

My students really enjoyed this activity, although they did find it challenging. You need: -a blindfold per pair or per student if possible. – some lego, about seven pieces per student, and the same pieces for each pair. Instructions: -One … Continue reading

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Jungle Dance

We have been reading ” Giraffes Can’t Dance” this week, I love this book, it has a great “moral”: EVERYONE CAN DANCE, WHEN YOU FIND MUSIC THAT YOU LOVE! Not only did we study jungle animals, but as all the … Continue reading

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How to use Storytelling in the classroom

Once upon a time there was a group of teachers who were wary of using authentic story books in the classroom. They complained about everything. To start with, they said the vocabulary wasn’t of the bland, pre-packaged variety found in ELT books, … Continue reading

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How Parenting has improved my Teaching

I recently came across a request to talk about this by @thosethatcan on twitter, so here’s my list: 1. I give clearer instructions After watching my teen son run around like a headless chicken as he tried to comply to … Continue reading

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Webinar review – Charles Hadfield : Creative Grammar IATEFL

Another advantage of being an IATEFL member is being able to snuggle down of an afternoon and watch a webinar whenever I’ve got the time and inclination. I’d been meaning to watch this one for a while and was pleased … Continue reading

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