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Bloomifying “Giraffes can’t dance”

If you don’t know this amazing book then read it immediately, it’s fab! I recently gave a presentation on using Bloom’s taxonomy in storytelling so I thought I should practice a little what I preach.   Remember: Lower level skills … Continue reading

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The Restaurant scene with a twist

It can get a bit repetitive, at least for the teacher, to re-enact restaurant scenes every time we do a chapter on food, so to brighten up the lesson a bit… I bring in some realia which the students love; … Continue reading

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Lego oral activity

My students really enjoyed this activity, although they did find it challenging. You need: -a blindfold per pair or per student if possible. – some lego, about seven pieces per student, and the same pieces for each pair. Instructions: -One … Continue reading

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What would you do if….?

Revising conditionals is a great opportunity to ask some amazing questions, and as usual it’s the students who have all the best ideas…

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How to use Storytelling in the classroom

Once upon a time there was a group of teachers who were wary of using authentic story books in the classroom. They complained about everything. To start with, they said the vocabulary wasn’t of the bland, pre-packaged variety found in ELT books, … Continue reading

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Creativity: what and why?

Today I wrote the introduction for the special supplement of ETAS’ summer journal on the subject of CREATIVITY. To help me I’ve read around the subject, joined the C group and even discovered my own creative outlet: As you can see, … Continue reading

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Ready, Steady, Cook!

Ingredients: various utensils nicked from home a bunch of empty cartons from the recycling box a pile of toy fruit & veg a pinch of suspense lashings of students Method: 1.Explain to students how the TV programme Ready, Steady, Cook … Continue reading

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Start thinking about your last lesson already

Every Monday students find slips of paper waiting on their desks when they arrive and I encourage them to write about something great that happened over the last seven days. To be perfectly honest I don’t put them all in … Continue reading

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What have you learnt so far this summer?

Summer is a time to slow down and look around at what’s going on, both web-wise and in my own life. Reading this great post got me thinking about what I’ve learnt so far this summer. JUST SAY NO! This has to … Continue reading

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Creativity is like a bus…

… nothing happens for ages and then a load comes along all at once! I’ve never considered myself particularly creative; can’t sing or play an instrument, can’t draw or paint, stopped writing poems for my granny when I was seven,… At … Continue reading

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