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Books to get your teaching mojo back

Don’t be put off by the picture, that’s just to grab your attention. Actually most of the books I would recommend for a bit of holiday reading are on my kindle of course. I say of course because recently I … Continue reading

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A reflection on the first month back

So, we’ve been back to school for a month now, and I finally have time to sit down and think about it. Here, in no particular order are a ramble of those thoughts. OMG It’s so hard and tiring!! I … Continue reading

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Stop sexism in ELT coursebooks!

Look at the picture below and write the profession for each person: How do you know the profession of the person in the bottom left box? – Because she’s a woman of course. All the others are men, we couldn’t … Continue reading

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Collaborative Revision

Sometimes before a test there’s nothing to do but get through a pile of practice exercises. This is never particularly motivating, and that’s even more the case when it is grammar, especially the present perfect. However… …there’s something quite powerful … Continue reading

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Some Ideas on differentiating homework

It’s hard enough to get homework right at the best of times. It’s the end of the lesson, school policies (and parents!) call out for it, kids loathe it and you end up wasting half your next lesson working out … Continue reading

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Reflective Practice for Busy Teachers

I’m currently doing an International House online course in teacher training, however now is not the time to rave about it (or mention how I’m also interested in doing a couple more of their courses when I’ve finished this one). … Continue reading

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Three things that spark up my life

As you probably know by now I’m a sucker for challenges, lists, anything to make me (feel) more effective. The first is an audio book site run by amazon, this means a) I can buy at the click of a mouse, … Continue reading

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October to-do list

Didn’t September go quickly? Already time for our next to do list. Last month I discovered the wonderful Mrs Tina Murray and her #septembersalubrity on twitter. Teacher well-being is often low on our list of priorities and I know I, and especially … Continue reading

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Happy at work – happy in class

I flip boarded across this article from fortune magazine this morning. It’s about the five things you need to be happy at work. Having the best job in the universe I already have them but I still like reading articles like this … Continue reading

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Connect, Notice, Learn, Exercise, Volunteer

As an EFL teacher in a secondary school in Geneva I sometimes feel on the edge of everything; -the teaching PLN on twitter seems to be mainly UK based (maybe I’m missing an enormous vibrant community of motivated French-speaking teachers … Continue reading

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