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Teaching Up – what I learnt about teaching in Pilates class

Photo credit: Robert Bejil Productions via / CC BY The first thing I learnt was that I am the stiffest, most un-supple person in the world – it’s amazing I can bend at all. The second thing I learnt … Continue reading

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Learning is connecting

Photo via Eureka! Ever since I started teaching I’d been secretly hoping to find the holy grail – the answer to the most important question ever, and no, not 42! I always felt that if I could discover what … Continue reading

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“The less you do, the less mistakes you can make” – In Praise of Mistakes & Errors: more thoughts from #IATEFL2017

This is just a short post rant to share with you something Andrew Wright said during his workshop at the IP & SEN SIG Pre-conference day at IATEFL 2017 in Glasgow. Andrew talked about a boy who having only written a … Continue reading

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Powerful (and fun) learning

  End of term exams and revision are upon us again and it’s a challenge to find new, interesting ways to  help the students revise. This time I gave each student a particular grammar point or topic to prepare in … Continue reading

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What I learnt from reading Marie Delaney’s “Special Educational Needs”

An unexpected day off work was recently the perfect opportunity to make a dint in my reading pile and so I polished off Marie Delaney’s Special Educational Needs. A great, well –organised book for any teacher who has students with … Continue reading

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What I’ve learnt from my teachers

The wonderful @stephanootis has recently posted on “Would I like to be taught by me?” – a very interesting question. She goes on to mention what she’s learnt from her Pilates teacher, so here’s what I’ve learnt from teachers who … Continue reading

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Books to get your teaching mojo back

Don’t be put off by the picture, that’s just to grab your attention. Actually most of the books I would recommend for a bit of holiday reading are on my kindle of course. I say of course because recently I … Continue reading

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A reflection on the first month back

So, we’ve been back to school for a month now, and I finally have time to sit down and think about it. Here, in no particular order are a ramble of those thoughts. OMG It’s so hard and tiring!! I … Continue reading

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Stop sexism in ELT coursebooks!

Look at the picture below and write the profession for each person: How do you know the profession of the person in the bottom left box? – Because she’s a woman of course. All the others are men, we couldn’t … Continue reading

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Collaborative Revision

Sometimes before a test there’s nothing to do but get through a pile of practice exercises. This is never particularly motivating, and that’s even more the case when it is grammar, especially the present perfect. However… …there’s something quite powerful … Continue reading

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