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I've been teaching English for a few years now and this blog is part of my never-ending quest to make learning English more fun, and easier for my students.

Teaching Up – what I learnt about teaching in Pilates class

Photo credit: Robert Bejil Productions via / CC BY The first thing I learnt was that I am the stiffest, most un-supple person in the world – it’s amazing I can bend at all. The second thing I learnt … Continue reading

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Learning is connecting

Photo via Eureka! Ever since I started teaching I’d been secretly hoping to find the holy grail – the answer to the most important question ever, and no, not 42! I always felt that if I could discover what … Continue reading

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“The less you do, the less mistakes you can make” – In Praise of Mistakes & Errors: more thoughts from #IATEFL2017

This is just a short post rant to share with you something Andrew Wright said during his workshop at the IP & SEN SIG Pre-conference day at IATEFL 2017 in Glasgow. Andrew talked about a boy who having only written a … Continue reading

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It’s about sharing stories: Thoughts from #IATEFL2017

The first year I went to IATEFL (Harrogate 2014) I went to as many talks and workshops as I could fit into a day then dashed backed to the B&B to write a whole pile of blogposts, 7 or 8 … Continue reading

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Powerful (and fun) learning

  End of term exams and revision are upon us again and it’s a challenge to find new, interesting ways to  help the students revise. This time I gave each student a particular grammar point or topic to prepare in … Continue reading

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The Restaurant scene with a twist

It can get a bit repetitive, at least for the teacher, to re-enact restaurant scenes every time we do a chapter on food, so to brighten up the lesson a bit… I bring in some realia which the students love; … Continue reading

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Story telling preparation for Cambridge YL exams

My students often find the story-telling in part 3 of the flyers and part 2 of the movers speaking exam very challenging. I think the main problem comes from the fact that they feel they should be able to express … Continue reading

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How to draw like a star!

Look! Aren’t I good at drawing?!! It’s dead easy – here’s my secret: Just beam the image you want to copy onto the board before your students come in!! I love doing this to incite a bit of curiosity before … Continue reading

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At the start of the school year I set up the #3bestbits challenge at school, so let me tell you what it is and how it’s going. The principle is very simple, we know writing a gratitude diary is the … Continue reading

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Write a Letter!

One of the ideas I suggested in my presentation “30 things to do with a piece of paper” was to write a letter. This week the 6ème have been studying London and the Royal family, they had so many questions about … Continue reading

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