Hi, I’m Rachael. I teach English as a foreign language at Lycée Rodolphe Topffer, a small secondary school (with a small primary class) in Geneva, Switzerland.

I already have a blog aimed at my pupils at fabenglishteacher.com, I post the work we do in class for the parents and kids. There are also links to the lessons for the pupils who lose theirs, I’ve noticed those pages get pretty good traffic on Sunday evenings or before tests!

I’m studying a M.A TESOL with Sheffield Hallam university,I’ve also presented a few workshops, at Harrogate for IATEFL, Switzerland for ETAS, and Paris for TESOL France

The objective of this blog is to complete my PLN by sharing my lesson ideas  (and those of other people!) with you, as well as reflections on my lessons and my studies.

Please feel free to comment and share your ideas too!


4 Responses to About

  1. Marilyn E. Rothmund says:

    Hello Rachel–I was at your ETAS workshop Saturday and dashed away forgetting to pick up your packet…I really want it, too! Do you have this available to send out? Or will it be included on the ETAS website, perhaps? Thanks again for the informative dyslexia topic. I was able to pick up some useful tips (I’m the one with the Catholic boarding school boys).
    Marilyn E. Rothmund

    • Hi Marilyn, it was great to see you on Saturday! Hover on the “workshop” tab under the photo at the top of the page, and then click click on “Dyslexia”, you should find all the relative links there.
      Good luck with your boys!

  2. Dear Rachel,

    This is not a comment relating to one of your posts but rather a request concerning my own blog

    I teach English as a second language in France and the aim behind my blog is to contrast and compare the realities of teaching English throughout Europe and that is why I am looking for teachers who would be willing to answer some of my questions (and why not, all of them).

    I wouldn’t like it to sound like insincere flattery just to make you do me a favour, but I have been following your blog for some time now and appreciate your work and perseverance.

    Best wishes,


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