Stop sexism in ELT coursebooks!

Look at the picture below and write the profession for each person:

How do you know the profession of the person in the bottom left box? – Because she’s a woman of course. All the others are men, we couldn’t have a female surgeon after all.

This kindo of stereotype is rife, in chapters on jobs especially, but also sneaking into hobbies  and every other topic -no female skateboarders or footballers, the computer nerd is always a boy, and the person interested in healthy food is always a girl.



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I've been teaching English for a few years now and this blog is part of my never-ending quest to make learning English more fun, and easier for my students.
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2 Responses to Stop sexism in ELT coursebooks!

  1. Adi Rajan says:

    This ought to be a part of a name & shame meme on Twitter.

  2. Marc says:

    There are also the token househusbands, always white and the rest of the book relies entirely on stereotypes. Cliche bingo!

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